Sarah Bernhardt

Jules Bastien-Lepage (1848-1884), Sarah Bernhardt, 1879. Painting exhibited at the Musée d’Orsay, Paris, April 2007. Photograph by Mariano Akerman

Sarah Bernhardt (Sarah Marie Henriette Bernhardt), French dramatic actress, 1844-1923, known as "The Divine Sarah," is the most prominent actress in the history of theatre and the most famous actress of the world.

Her favorite expression was « Quand même », a motto that is perhaps difficult to translate into the English language. In an attempt to translate it, Robert Gottlieb, for instance, hesitates between Even so, No matter what, All the same, Despite everything, Nevertheless, Against all odds, Whatever... I am for Even if.

Three unforgettable remarks by Sarah Bernhardt:

- The first kiss is not given with the mouth, but with the eyes.

- There are bridges one must cross and there are others one must burn. The most difficult thing in one's life is to differentiate between them.

- If every night I dream of you, how come that I don't live in a dream?

In French > 1. On ne donne pas le premier bisou avec la bouche, mais avec les yeux. 2. Il y a des ponts qu'il faut traverser et d'autres qu'il faut brûler. La chose la plus difficile dans cette vie est d'apprendre à les distinguer. 3. Si chaque nuit je rêve de toi, pourquoi est-ce que je ne vis pas dans un rêve?

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